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Addy Mendoza

The Cuban Addanelis Maria Mendoza is currently one of the biggest superstars in Cuban Salsa and Afro-Cuban dances. Addy Mendoza has started her dance career at the age of 5 as part of the “Ballet di Camaguey” Academy of Children’s Classical Dance.

In 2007, she graduated from the Luis Casas Romero School of Art as a dancer in Modern Cubana. In 2011, she received a diploma from the “Bachiller in Art” art school “Manuel Munoz Cedenos”. In addition, Addy Mendoza specializes in Cuban folk dance in college (Isa) and began her career in 2013 at the Ballet Folkloristico di Camaguey and became a teacher of choreographic composition at the “Luis Casas Romero” School of Art.

Currently, Addy Mendoza is one of the most popular Cuban dancers touring around the world teaching and sharing her passion for dance. She has over 30,000 followers on social media and has built a prestigious career, especially with her Afro-Cuban and salsa ladies style Fusion dance style.

Alain & Katerina

This top couple of Cuban dance styles are always full of positive energy whether they are performing or teaching!

Alain Rueda was born in Santiago de Cuba and graduated from the Escuela de Instructores de Arte in Santiago. He is known for his passion for culture and tradition and as a teacher his speciality is teaching people to feel the rhythm of Cuban music in a new way. Katerina Mik is a Russian-born dance talent. After studying classics such as ballet and modern jazz, she fell in love with Cuban salsa. Her trademark is a dance style full of femininity and sensuality.

This couple has a deep knowledge of Afro-Cuban culture and traditional Cuban dances. They are renowned for their ability to teach dancers to create a connection between music and movement. They will be teaching Cuban dance styles such as Cuban salsa, timba, rumba and combinations of these styles at the Baila Festival. The classes of this wonderful and professional couple will exude positive energy and inspiration for all!


Introducing Azael!

Get ready to ignite the dance floor with passion, precision, and pure energy! Meet Azael, the dynamic dance instructor who is here to elevate your dancing to new heights.

With years of experience and love for movement, Azael brings a unique blend of styles, techniques, and infectious enthusiasm to every class he teaches.

Whether you’re a beginner stepping onto the dance floor for the first time or an experienced dancer looking to refine your skills, Azael has something special in store for you.

Join Azael's dance community today and let the rhythm of life take you on an unforgettable journey!

Cuban Flex

Calling all dance enthusiasts! Are you ready to unleash your inner rhythm and master a variety of electrifying styles? Look no further than Cuban Flex, your gateway to a world of vibrant movement! Led by a dynamic duo of experienced dancers, Cuban Flex offers a unique opportunity to learn not one, not two, but three captivating dance styles that will have you grooving in no time.

First up is the infectious energy of Reggaeton. This Caribbean dance style is a fusion of African American, Latin American, and contemporary influences. Its captivating rhythm, characterized by strong beats and catchy melodies, will have you moving your hips and shoulders with undeniable flair. Cuban Flex will guide you through the essential steps of Reggaeton, from the signature side-to-side shuffle to the dynamic legwork and playful arm movements.

Next, embark on a journey to the heart of Africa with the powerful and expressive Afro dance style. Afro dance is all about connecting to your roots and celebrating your heritage. It's known for its grounded energy, emphasizing dynamic hip movements and captivating rhythmic patterns. Cuban Flex's instructors will introduce you to the rich vocabulary of Afro movements, helping you tap into your inner strength and express yourself through captivating body language.

The Cuban Flex instructors possess an infectious love for dance that's sure to ignite your own passion. So, are you ready to step onto the dance floor with confidence and style? Join Cuban Flex and embark on a journey of movement, rhythm, and self-expression!

Javier De La Rosa

Javier, winner of the ‘Most Popular Cuban Salsa DJ Award 2006’ and finalist in the Bacardi DJ Competition 2003, is one of the most exciting Latin DJ’s on the scene. He moved to the UK from Havana, Cuba, where he worked at the Castillito Cultural Centre and was involved in various musical activities. He has been DJing in the UK and around Europe since his arrival for over 10 years now, playing Salsa and Timba Cubana, Reggaeton, latin Hip-Hop and R&B to suit the occasion. He featured in iD London magazine (October 2005 edition) as one of the UKs leading emerging acts in the urban latin music scene. He has supported many of Cuba’s greatest musicians in concert in the UK and France. These include ‘los Van Van’, ‘Pupy y los que son son’, ‘Maykel Blanco’, ‘Elito Reve’, ‘Sierra Maestra’, ‘Osvaldo Chacon’, ‘Paulito FG’, ‘Sur Caribe’, ‘Manolito Simonet y su trabuco’ y ‘Candido Fabre’.
Currently, you can find him playing at various clubs and events in London and the UK and in biggest salsa events in Europe.

Jessica & Alain

Jessica Díaz (Dominican & Spanish)

Professional Dancer and Choreographer in different styles: Latin dance (bachata & salsa), hip hop, heels technique, jazz, contemporary and acrobatics. Trained at the best dance schools in Spain and New York since she was 6 years old, and pionner in urban bachata. She has been working in many Spanish TV programs like “Dancing with the stars”, ” The Voice” and as a dancer in concerts with singers (Luis Fonsi, Topic, AS7, Juan Magan, Sharlene, Red One). She has taught workshops since 2007 in many countries such as: Spain, France, Italy, Israel, Cyprus, Lebanon, Croatia, Marrakech, Australia, Arab Emirates, Slovakia, Ireland. She is recognized for her sexy style and acrobatics.

Awards: 1st World Bachata Fusion (Spain 2016), the winner of “Yo bailo bachata” a Spanish TV Program, 2nd World Salsa Summit(Miami 2016) Bachata Cabaret Category.

Alain Soldek (Cuban)

Professional dancer and singer who transmits strength, passion and energy in his classes and shows. This versatile artist began his training in Cuba, where he has participated in dance events from an early age. As a teenager, he moved to Europe, where he continued to develop his style in bachata and salsa. He is currently one of the teachers with the largest number of students in Spain. This year he debuted as a singer with the new bachata hit “Mientes” with his brother Dustin Richie.He is recognized for his unique style, steps, movements and figures.

Kirenia Cantin

Kirenia Cantin Diaz is back for her second time teaching at Baila Baila! Last time, her workshops were super popular and she delighted her students with her strong energy and skillful classes.

Kirenia was born in Cuba in 1981. She started her dance studies at the age of 5. Kirenia has been part of several dance schools and companies such as National Theatre, House of Culture, Tony Menedez.

At the age of 16, in 1998, she started one of the most famous Kabaree schools in Cuba, Tropicana Island. There Kirenia was under the guidance of the famous artistic director Santiago Alfonso for four years, graduating from Tropicana Island in 2002. Today Kirenia lives in Italy, where she moved in 2002.

Kirenia has danced at the most famous salsa congresses in Europe with the world-famous Maykel Fonts. Kirenia has also appeared on several Italian TV programs.

Kirenia’s sensual and feminine body movement combined with her strong dance technique has made her very famous and she has been recognized as one of the best female dancers in the salsa world.

The magnificent Kirenia is considered the queen of elegance and sensuality and her dance style brings out the elegance of the Cuban woman. At this year’s festival, you will have the opportunity to learn and challenge yourself with this amazing dancer’s Ladies Styling Master Class workshops!

Wilmer & Maria

Hailing from Havana, Cuba, Wilmer and Maria are a dynamic salsa duo renowned for their artistry and passion. Both graduated in 2000, Wilmer from the esteemed Escuela Nacional de Arte (ENA) with a prestigious Diploma Bailerin Professor title, and Maria from the renowned Academy of Dance Bailarina Tropicana Havana. Their studies weren't limited to just salsa; they delved into a diverse range of styles, mastering the folkloric soul of Cuban Rumba, the technical precision of ballet, the expressiveness of modern dance, and the elegance of Spanish dance. This rich foundation not only honed their technical skills but also instilled in them a deep appreciation for the artistic tapestry of dance.

Wilmer's journey at ENA wasn't just about academics. His talent and drive led him to join "Dance of Body," a dance company that further ignited his passion for performance. Here, he honed his stage presence and explored the power of dance as a form of storytelling. He later transitioned to the electrifying energy of "Show de la Habana" and the prestigious "Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba." These experiences exposed him to the rich history and cultural significance of Cuban dance, preparing him to become not just a performer, but also an ambassador of this vibrant art form.

Maria's artistic path, though separate, shared many parallels. Her curriculum at Bailarina Tropicana Havana mirrored Wilmer's, providing her with a solid foundation in Cuban Rumba, ballet, modern dance, and Spanish dance. This shared background in diverse dance styles would become a cornerstone of their artistic partnership later on. Their individual experiences also instilled in them a deep respect for tradition and a yearning to explore new creative possibilities within the realm of Cuban salsa.

Mercedes Sayut

Discover the rhythm of dance with Mercedes Sayut!

Join the incredible Mercedes Sayut on a dance journey like never before! Mercedes is more than just a dance teacher, she is a passionate choreographer and performer ready to ignite your love for dance.

Mercedes brings a mix of styles and a wealth of experience to every class. Her dynamic approach and commitment to creating a positive and inclusive environment make every lesson an opportunity for growth and self-expression.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced dancer, Mercedes' classes are designed to challenge and inspire, taking your dance skills to new heights.

You didn’t come this far not to enroll!

master the moves with us! expert BAILA BAILA instructors await at salsa festival 2024!

Carlos Correa

Have you ever dreamed of gliding effortlessly across the dance floor, the rhythm pulsing through your veins? Look no further than Cuban Carlos, the salsa maestro captivating Finland with his infectious energy and masterful instruction.

Since arriving in Finland, Carlos's passion for dance quickly ignited the local scene. Within just three short years, his talent and sunny disposition caught the eye of San Miguel, founder of the renowned Baila Baila dance school. Recognizing a kindred spirit, San Miguel offered Carlos a coveted spot in his dance group, propelling Carlos onto the Finnish salsa stage.

But Carlos isn't just a phenomenal dancer; he's a gifted instructor. His classes are legendary for their vibrant atmosphere. Imagine stepping into a room pulsating with Latin rhythms, where Carlos's warm personality and crystal-clear teaching methods make even the most complex salsa moves feel achievable.

Whether you're a complete beginner yearning to learn the basic steps of couples salsa or a seasoned dancer looking to refine your rueda skills, Carlos's classes cater to all levels.

Prepare to be challenged, to laugh, and to experience the pure joy of movement under Carlos's expert guidance. His infectious enthusiasm will have you hooked from the very first lesson. Don't miss this chance to unlock your inner salsa star – come learn with Cuban Carlos and discover the magic of dance!

Jose Mesa

José's passion for dance began with a deep dive into Cuban roots. He honed his skills at the prestigious Escuela Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba, where he immersed himself in the rich tapestry of folklore and popular dances. Graduating in 2008, José wasn't done expanding his repertoire. The following year, he enrolled at Escuela Narciso Medina, pushing his boundaries further with contemporary dance.

This well-rounded training proved invaluable when José joined Conjunto Folklorico Universitario de Cuba. Here, he wasn't just a dancer; he was a storyteller. He brought Cuban traditions to life on stage, captivating audiences at various events throughout the island.

But José's talents weren't meant to be confined to a single group. He went on to perform with the renowned Compañía de Danzas Tradicionales de Cuba JJ, further solidifying his reputation as a versatile and accomplished dancer. This experience even led him to Africa, where he participated in the prestigious Festival Cultural de Danza Folklorica, sharing his cultural heritage with an international audience.

However, José's love for dance extends beyond the stage. Back in Cuba, he discovered a new passion: teaching. With infectious enthusiasm and boundless energy, he shared his knowledge with foreign visitors, introducing them to the pulsating rhythms of salsa, cha-cha-chá, mambo, rumba, and even reggaeton. His classes weren't just about steps; they were about transmitting the joy of dance, the very essence that had first captivated him.

Mailevis Ortega

Mailevis' story is one woven from the rich cultural tapestry of Artemis, Cuba. From a young age, she was drawn to the graceful world of ballet, her early steps setting the stage for a lifelong love affair with dance. As she matured, her passion expanded to encompass the vibrant energy of traditional Cuban dances. This exploration wasn't just about learning steps; it was a journey of discovery, a way to connect with her heritage and express herself through movement.

Mailevis' dedication to her craft didn't stop at the studio. After her studies, she took a bold step, joining the renowned Cabaret Continental de Varadero as a cabaret dancer. Here, she honed her performance skills, captivating audiences with her energetic and show-stopping routines. Over the years, she blossomed into a captivating performer, her talent and charisma leaving a lasting impression.

But Mailevis' desire to share her passion for dance extended beyond the stage lights. She discovered a new calling in teaching. Her lessons are a testament to her meticulous nature. She meticulously plans each session, ensuring her students receive a well-rounded dance education.

But Mailevis isn't just about technique; she brings an infectious enthusiasm to every class. Her dedication shines through as she pours her heart and energy into guiding her students.

The joy of dance isn't just taught in her classes; it's embodied by her. Mailevis' presence is a guaranteed burst of sunshine, radiating warmth and encouragement to everyone around her. Her students leave not only with improved dance skills, but also with a newfound appreciation for the sheer joy of movement.

Pinja Simola

Pinja has danced various dance styles from an early age, her childhood a kaleidoscope of pirouettes, leaps, and synchronized routines. But in 2016, bachata entered her life, its sensual rhythm and captivating footwork weaving a spell that stole her heart completely. From that moment, bachata became more than just a dance; it was a passion that ignited a fire within her.

Since then, Pinja has dedicated herself to mastering the art of bachata. She's devoured instructional videos, attended workshops led by world-renowned bachata dancers, and tirelessly practiced, meticulously dissecting the movements of the greats. But her focus wasn't just on rote memorization; she craved to make these techniques her own, to infuse them with her unique personality and style. This dedication wasn't confined to the dance floor. Pinja's love for bachata and its music extends beyond her own performance. She has become a sought-after bachata DJ, both in Finland and abroad. Spinning infectious tunes at clubs and events, she creates an atmosphere that compels bodies to move and hearts to connect with the rhythm.

Pinja's artistic journey hasn't been limited to solo endeavors. Since 2015, she's thrived as an independent dancer and group exercise instructor, sharing her love of dance with people all across Finland. Her teaching philosophy is a beautiful blend of technical expertise and pure fun. While she emphasizes the importance of proper bachata technique, her classes are infused with a joyful energy that ensures everyone has a good time. This infectious enthusiasm, coupled with her clear and high-quality instruction, guarantees that Pinja's students leave her classes not only with improved dance skills, but also with a newfound appreciation for the magic of bachata.

San Miguel

Cuban San Miguel is a pioneer in the Finnish salsa scene. In 1993, he took a bold step, founding Finland's very first salsa dance school, Dance School Baila Baila. This wasn't just about opening a studio; it was about planting the seeds of a vibrant dance community. San Miguel's journey with salsa began even earlier, in 1992, when he moved to Finland and brought the infectious energy of this Latin dance with him. He wasn't just a passionate dancer; he possessed a gift for sharing his knowledge and love for salsa with others.

His dedication quickly paid off. San Miguel's classes attracted a growing number of students eager to learn the sizzling footwork and captivating rhythms of salsa. His influence extended far beyond the walls of Baila Baila. San Miguel became a regular fixture at salsa events across Finland, both as a captivating performer and a highly sought-after instructor. His talent didn't go unnoticed. In 2001 and 2004, he took home the prestigious Nordic Salsa Championship title, a testament to his exceptional skills. Further solidifying his dominance, he also claimed victory in the 2004 Finnish Salsa Championship.

Years of experience have honed San Miguel's teaching style. He is a master at creating a fun and challenging learning environment. His students consistently praise his ability to break down complex movements into easily understandable steps. This, coupled with his infectious enthusiasm, makes learning salsa an enjoyable and rewarding experience. But San Miguel's impact goes beyond mere instruction. As the founder of Baila Baila, he has become a central figure in the Finnish salsa world. His vast knowledge of the local scene makes him a valuable resource for students and fellow dancers alike. He is known for his unwavering support and willingness to help anyone with a passion for salsa. Whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned dancer looking to refine your skills, San Miguel offers a welcoming environment where you can learn, grow, and become part of Finland's vibrant salsa community. He also offers a wider range of dance styles beyond salsa, specializing in bachata and kizomba, ensuring there's something for everyone at Baila Baila. One thing is certain: Cuban San Miguel's legacy is forever intertwined with the history of salsa in Finland.

Yasser Sarria

Yasser's passion for dance began early in his life, blossoming in his vibrant homeland of Cuba. From a young age, his feet moved to the rhythm of his Cuban roots. He wasn't just drawn to dance; he craved a deep understanding.

Yasser immersed himself in the rich tapestry of Cuban popular and folk dances, taking numerous courses to hone his skills. This dedication wasn't solitary. He became a fixture in various Cuban dance groups, sharing his love for movement with his community.

Fueled by over 15 years of experience, Yasser didn't just keep his talents within Cuba's borders. He brought his infectious energy and captivating performances to Finland and across Europe. At Baila Baila, students are greeted by one of the most energetic and cheerful faces in the studio: Yasser.

His lessons are legendary for their infectious energy – he doesn't just teach steps, he ignites a passion for dance in his students. This vibrancy is reflected in his unique dance style, a fusion of the powerful Afro-Cuban tradition and the electrifying pulse of popular dance.

Yasser isn't just a dancer, he's a bridge, connecting cultures through the universal language of movement.

Yuniel Dieguez

Yuniel isn't just a dance instructor, he's a living embodiment of Cuban rhythm. With over 19 years of experience, he's the heart and soul of Dance School Cuba, a place where he pours his passion into every student. His journey began in his native Cuba, where the infectious energy of salsa filled the air. Casa de la Cultura became his training ground, honing his skills under the watchful eyes of renowned instructors. But Yuniel wasn't content with just learning steps. He craved the vibrant energy of performance, taking the stage as a dancer and electrifying Havana's clubs as a DJ and host.

This well-rounded experience wasn't a coincidence. Yuniel had the privilege of learning from salsa dance greats like Juan Gomez, absorbing not just technique but the very essence of this captivating art form.

His talent didn't go unnoticed. Yuniel's trophy cabinet boasts numerous salsa competition wins, a testament to his dedication and dazzling footwork. His reputation as a skilled instructor spread beyond Cuba's borders, leading him to collaborate with international dance companies. Most recently, he brought his expertise to the world-famous Proyecto Rueda De Casino, both dancing and sharing his knowledge with eager students.

Yuniel's approach to teaching is as captivating as his dance style. He's known for his infectious energy, clear explanations that make even the most complex moves seem effortless, and an ability to instill confidence in his students. His lessons are more than just steps; they're a journey into the heart of Cuban culture, where music and movement become one. Yuniel's students walk away not just with new skills, but with a newfound appreciation for the joy and freedom of dance.