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COUPLE SALSA (CASINO) is a couple dance originally from Cuba, which can also be danced alone (in our schedule as salsa). Another name for couple salsa is casino and it is based on different patterns of series of spins and turn patterns to music, salsa is characterized by speed and joy. Salsa is very popular throughout Latin America, but it is now danced around the world. The most important thing in salsa is the joy of dancing and having fun in the rhythms of the captivating music! Salsa is an excellent and immersive club dance that is widely danced around the world in nightclubs and various dance events, both as a solo and as a couple dance!

RUEDA DE CASINO Couple salsa in a circle, the instructor leads and the others follow the orders. Partners are changed, and the pace is brisk! Rueda is a highly efficient and fun way to quickly learn the rhythm of salsa, and the different patterns by name. You do not need your own partner to participate. You can join the beginner level rueda as soon as you master the basics of couple salsa.

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SALSA LADIES STYLE is a technology lesson for women to practice feminine movement and styling to the beat of Salsa’s steps and music. Ladies styling classes are great for all women who want to develop their own dance to the next level.

COUPLE SALSA CON RUMBA is a couple salsa class that mixes the rhythms, body movement and patterns of Afro-Cuban rumba and afro with traditional Cuban salsa.

BACHATA is swinging Dominican dance, often slower in tempo than merengue, important aspects are closeness and feeling. The complex turns do not play the main role. A couple dance, where the connection between the dancers is created through sensuous music and congruent movements. You do not need your own partner to participate.

BACHATA LADIES STYLING classes are for women to practice important feminine elements of bachata. Among other things, finding your own style, feminine movements of the hands, orthodox use of the body and hips, and much more exercises for women! Ladies in sensual bachata class practice feminine movements specifically in the style of sensual bachata.

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RUMBA is generic name for a large group of music and dance styles. The Cuba originated rumba combines the dance and music culture of the African slaves shipped to Cuba and the influence of Spanish colonial masters. Rumba is not just one dance, but more like a combination of different cultures, traditions, and music and art forms. Rumba can be divided into three different styles, one of which is rumba guaguancó:

CABARET Cuban cabaret is a spectacular show dancing where we are using salsa, chachachan and son rhythms and steps. You can feel the heart of Cabaret, once you work your elegant movement, spectacular femine body movement.

TIMBA as a music is a Cuban version of salsa, usually faster. Timba as a dance combines steps of rumba, afrocuban dances and salsa footwork and it has versatile body movement and emphasis on changing the movements with the changes in rhythm.

AFRO Afro classes will teach you Afro-Cuban Santeria Orisha dances. All intermediate level Afro classes at Salsa Festival require good knowledge of Afro dance.

TWERKGGAETON combines the techniques and steps of the popular dance twerk and reggaeton into energetic choreography that leaves no one cold. The movements performed during the class are physical, the choreographies include e.g. squats. You do not need previous experience in either sport, but a previous dance background is desirable.

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COUPLE SON is a calmer couple dance based on subtle movements of the body, especially the upper body. As a dance, son differs from Cuban couple salsa in its rhythm and son has fewer patterns and translations than salsa. Finding the right style and technique at son is often more challenging than salsa.

SON FEMENINA is a class where the feminine movements of son dance are practiced, with which you can decorate your own body use and hand movement in paired dance. In the classes of Kirenia Cantin and Maria Moreno you are in the best hands!

KIZOMBA is a sensual African couple dance, which is influenced by semba, zouk, coladeira and tango. The youth in Angola have refined it into an appealing global dance.

REGGAETON is the most popular nightclub dance in Latin America at the moment. Reggaeton is a highly versatile solo dance, with influences from different types of dance, e.g. afro dances, hip hop, and the traditional Caribbean and South American dance styles. The fast reggaeton moves let you use your whole body, especially your hips and upper body.